Cat Watching Over His owner’s Baby Before He Was Born

Panda is a 2-year-old adopted cat who’s vocation is to babysit. It All started when owner Liel Ainmar Assayag got pregnant, Panda decided to follow her around the house, hugging Assayag’s tummy and purring. This went on for the whole nine months.
When Sean come to the world, Panda didn’t change his attitude toward the baby. Though she was a bit confused at first, but once she smelled his fingers, she immediately recognized her little brother who she’d been snuggling with all along.
Now 3 months later, she hops on the bed near him, sniffs him, sits next to him. That cat has genuine love for Sean.
Panda isn’t allowed near the baby’s crib, yet as soon as Assayag leaves the baby in the crib she can see lots of fur all over the bed – Panda always guards the bed while Assayag is taking care of something. When the baby cries at night, Panda calls the mom for help.
And that is true love.


1. How adorable is that!!

2. Guarding duty for 9 months.

3. Follwing the owner through the house and hugging Assayag’s belly.

4. Now Follwing the baby through.

5. True Love.

6. The kid is in good hands.

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