The 7 Women That Dumped Prince Harry Before He Found Love

Each and every one of us had had a heartbrake, maybe once maybe twice maybe more, before they found the one. For Prince Harry,

it took seven heartbrakes til he met Meghan Markle. Harry and Meghan wedding was held 19 May 2018 in St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle in the United Kingdom. It was televised and watched by millions of people around the gloab. But before this Harry had a serial of relationships that just didn’t work.

Get your favorite beverage and get ready for roller coaster of emotions and disappointments.


Caroline and Harry get into a relationship after her broke up with Cheesy. Caroline is known as a TV presenter in which Harry used to date. It seems that Harry has a high taste for women on TV, don’t you think so?

After Caroline started dating Harry, the intensity of media coverage on ther relationship become unbearable for her. which happens more than you think. after all she was dating Prince Harry, so they ended up breaking up. Media can suck sometimes.

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