Top 20 Essentials You Must Have If You Own A Dog

These recommended supplies will keep your dog comfy, safe and healthy. Some of this things may already be in your home, bag, or car. But some of the things your about to see, you might have never thought of, get ready cus here we go.


20. Baby Gates and Exercise Pens

Baby gates and exercise pens are GOLD. They keep your dog away from the door, plus it gives them a safe space to stretch their legs in the backyard, and provides a designate safe dog zone when they’re home alone.


19. Pet First Aid Kit

This kit can be adjustable for your pets needs as you see fit.


18. Spare Leash

A spare leash may come helpful may not, you’ll never REALLY know. But better be prepared.


17. Harness

A harness can provide more security and comfort for your dogs, and it’s especially good for those who tend to pull on leash.


16. Flea Treatment

Fleas gone be there, be sure of that. Get the lowdown on over the counter flea treatments along with natural flea treatment alternatives.


15. Paw Wipes/Coat Wipes

When there’s not time for a full bath, these little babies are wonderful. They help remove allergens, dirt, and anything stinky that your dog might have rolled in. Apply them to the paws or spot wipe on the coat.


14. Stain and Odor Remover

Enzyme-based cleaners are truly an amazing invention. They wil help get rid of stubborn urine smells from just about anywhere,
they smell good, they’re natural, and they’re affordable.


13. Air Horn or Loud Whistle

This might surprise you, but a whistle or air horn can be really helpful if ever ever needed to break up a dog fight. It’s a safe, generally effective way to stop problems in their tracks, especially if you’re in an off-leash situation like a dog park.


12. ThunderShirt

This pressure wrap is a really effective tool that helps an anxious dog to calm down. Other brands make a similar product, but most people like original.


11. Car Thermometer

If your car doesn’t have a thermometer gauge showing you the cabin temperature, This handy little pocket thermometer can help you decide if it’s too hot for your dog.


10. Dog Diapers

Many of pet sitters keep a pack of these around just in case they work with clients who have incontinence issues. When you need them, they’re a lifesaver. dog diapers are really handy.


9.Belly Bands

Just like the dog diaper but these are designed with the male anatomy in mind.


8. Treat Puzzles

The Kong is a wonderful puzzle for your dogs, and there’s a whole world of puzzle toys and feeders out there for dogs.


7. Dog Bowls

There is a lot that goes into the right bowl. For one thing, a sturdy base helps reduce mess. you should read on the subject.


6. Poop Bag Refills

Two words: stock up. these are life savers.


5. Crates

Even if you’re not crate training, a crate will provide a comfy dogs-only spot in a small living area.


4. Pee Pads

These are so helpful during the puppy days, trust me on that.


3. Tasty, Healthy Dog Treats

There are so many dog treats available out there that you can’t choose. Most people suggest looking for grain-free and responsibly sourced options. To name a few: Wilderness Blue Buffalo Dog Treats, Wellness Soft Puppy Bites, Nutro Crunchy Dog Treats and Eggs. Yes, Eggs are an excellent source of protein and can be utilized as a homemade dog training treat.


2. Treat Pouch

For training on the go. This little bag will a big difference.


1. Pet Hair Brush

Perfect for couches, rugs, car upholstery— even your dog himself! You will love this rubber brush because it’s gentler.

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