17 Restaurants That Made some Infuriating Menu Moves

These restaurants made some questionable menu decisions, see for yourself


1. This restaurant that don’t know what free means.

2. This restaurant that has an eye soaring menu font.

3. This restaurant that serves cold butter.

4. I don’t want to know at what time lunch ends.

5. BBQ sauce in a shaker, really!!

6. I wonder how much is that salad.

7. Really creative mr.Restaurant.

8. Is that you again mr.Restaurant?

9. Who made this ordering system.

10. I would like to see them serving this to Hercule Poirot!

11. Restaurant that gives tiny water cups.

12. This restaurant that suggestes tip amount.

13. mr.Restaurant back at it again!

14. This restaurant whose prices don’t make sense

15. People would want it more if it’s named by it’s ingredients.

16. This restaurant that never heard of plates.

17. And this one who don’t know how to use them