16 ridiculous bad signs that will make you LOL

People who made this signs were on something strong.


1. To all you hard people out there.


2. Really McDonald!


3. How could they not see this when they were making it?

4. I bet you this was intentional.

5. What an unfortunate abbreviation.

6. This sign apparently kids need booze

7. Well you heard the sign

8. U looking for a job bruh?

9. You better have the tickets or…

10. But I want more children :'(

11. Whoever made this needs to look up what “free” means.

12. Do you know any experienced sandwiches?

13. This is very unclear, but cool font though

14. Come get you some good news! One Buy, Free Two

15. This sign is pointing each individual in each direction

16. This sign has some poor font size choices.