Foods To Avoid With High Blood Pressure

Although blood pressure is known to go up and down when you exercise, blood pressure should be checked regularly, especially after eating certain meals. Since consuming the wrong meals could lead to hypertension in the long-term. Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, is when the force is applied against the blood vessels’ walls thus causing the heart to work harder to pump blood around the body.

Exercising routinely is known to stabilize blood pressure. But if you can’t find the time to always exercise every day, you should consider to change your diet and avoid eating these kinds of food containing high doses of sugar or salt

  1. Canned beans
    Canned beans are chock-full of sodium and preservatives. These ingredients are known to increase blood pressure. But if you are to eat canned beans, you should rinse washing the beans first with water to wash away the salt that’s stuck onto the beans. Try your best to avoid canned beans and buy regular beans
  2. Cheese

Cheese is very tasty, everyone knows that. But you have to consider the amount of salt is in these different types of cheese. Cheddar cheese contains 621 mg of sodium per gram, gouda cheese has 819 mg of sodium per gram, and American cheese has 1,671 mg of sodium per gram. Now that is a lot of salt in cheese.

  1. Candy
    Now candy is sweet. So sweet that it is a major cause for high blood pressure. Candy is full of sugar such as a high fructose corn syrup content which leads to weight gain, kidney disease, helping diabetes, which all lead to high blood pressure in the end. Avoid candy at all costs
  2. Soft Drinks
    Just like candy, drinking soft drinks is also a no-no. These drinks are highly addictive and leaving you to wanting more and more. Soft drinks are full of sugar from top to bottom and can cause blood pressure spikes. According to The American Heart Association, 355mL or less should be consumed in a week.
  3. Energy Drinks
    Now, the difference between energy drinks and your occasional soft drink is that these drinks contain caffeine. Caffeine is known to cause a brief but intense increase in blood pressure. Now, try thinking about energy drinks that have sugar and caffeine together. Drinking caffeine added drinks activates the caffeine for around three to six hours
  4. Sauces
    Avoid consuming cheese sauce, salad dressing sauces, gravy, mayonnaise, and many types of sauces to reduce your risk of getting high blood pressure. Most sauces are filled with sodium, such as hot sauce has 2,643 mg of sodium per gram, the oyster sauce has 2,733 mg per gram, and even mustard has 1,100 mg of sodium per gram.
  5. Pot Pies
    Now you are thinking, why pot pies? pot pies have a high sodium content per serving. chicken pot pie contains 1,400 mg of sodium and has 35 grams of fat. That is way more than you should intake. If you want to lower high blood pressure, just avoid this meal.
  6. Pizza
    Now, this is surely one meal that makes a lot of sense. A cheese pizza is full of sodium. Cheese? Salted. Tomato sauce? Salted. The dough? Also salted. Everything in a pizza’s individual part needs salt to taste addictingly tasty. Not only the high levels of sodium but also consider the number of carbohydrates from the dough. Use all of your willpower to avoid this meal.
  7. Red Meat
    Yes, even red meat. Even though red meat contains protein and other healthy properties. Red meat contains high levels of saturated fat that could lead to artery clogging. If you would like to eat meat, try considering fish or poultry instead. But if you can’t avoid eating red meat, consume red meat, once a week.
  8. Processed Meat
    Yes, processed meat. This includes sausages, hot dogs, smoked meats, salamis or any meat that was processed. Why, you ask? All of the types of meals contain high levels of sodium. Avoid eating anything processed as they also have lots of saturated fats and preservatives to keep the products long lasting.
  9. Ramen Noodles
    A small package of ramen noodles is very cheap, a meal that anyone can make easily on their own without setting the kitchen up. But, consider avoiding ramen noodles. One small package contains roughly 1,580 mg of sodium. That is already the amount you have to intake for one whole day. Not just that, the noodles alone are around 500 mg of sodium. Now that is crazy.
  10. Alcohol
    Alcohol can lead to high levels of blood pressure. This is caused by vasodilation, meaning the tightening of blood vessels when alcohol is consumed. This causes the blood to pump with more pressure in the arteries. But not only that, alcohol contains high levels of sugar that can lead to weight gain and high blood pressure for the long-term.
  11. Bacon
    Bacon contains sodium and bad fats for your body. According to the United States Department of Agriculture National Nutrient Database, just consuming three slices of bacon is already 576 mg of sodium. Now that is a lot of sodium considering the small amount of bacon consumed. With the help of saturated fats from frying the bacon, this meal is bound to make your blood pressure skyrocket.
  12. Pickles
    Pickles are usually stored in jars full of pickle juice. This juice is actually a mixture full of salt. Now, the pickles are just drowning in the juice, allowing the pickles to absorb the juice. So, a pickle is already full of salt not just from the outside, but also the inside which can contain 1,100 mg of sodium for a whole pickle.

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